4711 Perfume 6.6 oz Shower Gel by Muelhens for Women

4711 Perfume 6.6 oz Shower Gel by Muelhens for Women
4711 Perfume 6.6 oz Shower Gel by Muelhens for Women
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Product Information

New: 100% authentic 4711 Perfume 6.6 oz Shower Gel by Muelhens for Women sealed in its original packaging by the manufacture.

4711 Perfume Shower Gel is a rich sudsy body cleanser that not only cleans but also moisturizes your skin leaving it fresh, soft, and smooth to the touch with the scent of your favorite fragrance when you step out of the shower or bath.

Shower Gel is a liquid soap that has become a popular alternative to bar soap and is appropriate for cleansing your skin, has better control of the amount used, easier to store or take with you when needed and does not require any of the maintenance that is associated with bar soap.

Fragrance general description:
4711 Perfume by Muelhens is one of the oldest brands that has been around now for over 200 years and is still a popular choice for fragrance lovers today, young or old, men or women those who have tried 4711 Original will recommend trying or keeping a bottle in your collection. 4711 starts with a light but sparkling lemony scent that settles into a subtle citrus floral compensation, a simple and uplifting elegant neutral scent, unisex, not to womanly or masculine.

The unique composition of Essential oils and natural ingredients with no synthetics in 4711 Original make this not only a great scent but is also said to have aroma therapeutic properties that produce an indescribable feeling of well-being and have a positive effect on the mind and body.

The top notes of 4711 Original starts with Bergamot oil, a fruity-sweet and mild spicy note used in aroma therapy to treat depression. Lemon oil, a sharp citrusy scent and a wonderful balance to bergamot, it is also known to be used in aroma therapy to uplift mood and stimulate the nervous system. Orange oil, a pleasing sweet fruity and bright fragrance, therapeutically used to uplift emotions and generate a calming effect. Petitgrain oil a floral woody note also known for its therapeutic calming and uplifting affect.

4711 Original�s middle notes of Neroli oil, a spicy, bitter-sweet, flowery fragrance used in aroma therapy for its antidepressant qualities. Rosemary oil a floral scent with aroma therapeutic qualities used for mental stimulation and properties that relieve congestion. Rose oil, a floral note known as an anti-inflammatory and aroma therapeutic properties of soothing and calming.

The base note of 4711 Original is Musk oil that has the unique property to balance the composition of a fragrance and to add a subtle touch of sensuality and warmth, reduce the evaporation rates of a fragrance allowing the original composition to last longer while keeping its true scent.

Many have recommended 4711 Original with testimonials of it being not just a wonderful scent to ware, to the only fragrance some can ware, but many stories of its aroma therapeutic properties relieving headaches, congesting, breaking fevers, or a fragrance that gives a since of well-being and having an uplifting change in emotions and mood.

For those looking for the aroma therapeutic properties, to concentrate the scent near you nose and mouth, you can spray it on your skin as you would with any fragrance, douse a handkerchief to keep handy in your pocket or purse, or douse a washcloth or towel, lay down, relax with it on your forehead or over your face.

4711 Original was composed by Wilhelm Mulhens using a formula offered to him by a Carthusian monk, Aqua Mirabilis and was created at 4711 Carillons Street in Cologne Germany. The formulas used to extract the quality ingredients and preserved its original purity have been kept secret for two centuries. Introduced by the design house of Muelhens, 4711 Perfume for Women was launched in 1792

Fragrance Type: Shower Gel
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Olfactive Group: Citrus Aromatic
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Fragrance Scent Notes: 4711 Perfume by Muelhens
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Petitgrain
Middle Notes: Neroli, Rosemary, Rose
Base Notes: Musk
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Shower Gel General Information:
Shower Gel is a popular alternative to bar soap that not only will cleanse and moisturize your skin it also has other benefits such as better control of the amount used, easier to store or take with you, and does not require any of the maintenance that is associated with bar soap which requires soap dishes to allow the soap to dry or containers for travel both requiring periodic cleaning and loss of product.

Shower Gel is a form of liquid soap that is appropriate for cleansing and soften your skin and can be used in the shower or bath. Shower gel has a firmer gel-like consistency and the concentration of fragrance is slightly higher than with Body Wash.

Application Suggestions for Shower Gel:
The application of Shower Gel can be done with just your hands but for the best results a washcloth, bath sponge or mitt is recommended. Use of any of these will help your Shower Gel dissolve skin oils loosen dirt, environmental pollutants and other particles from your skin. Note a sponge or mitt will tend to produce more lather with a lesser amount of Shower Gel.

Shower Gel should not be used as a shampoo:
Some use shampoo for there hair and as a liquid soap on there body allowing the use of one product for both their hair and body saving time, cost, and the need for extra storage space. This is a personal choice and is usually dependent on the individual�s skin chemistry, the activities they are involved in, and the amount of cleaning power needed to cleanse and soften there skin.

The reverse can not be said about Shower Gel as it has higher concentrations of soap for cleaning with moisturizers design to soften and rejuvenate your skin. Shower Gel should not be used to replace shampoo for cleaning your hair as the higher concentrations of soap in Shower Gel will remove all of the natural oils in your hair that shampoo was designed to leave. Using Shower Gel on your hair can leave it dried out, harder to manage, and can result in damage to your hair.

Advantages of Shower Gel over bar soap:
Bar soap is normally left setting in a soap dish or special shelf to dry in the tub or shower area after use and is exposed to the elements and damp conditions that does not allow the soap to dry properly resulting in the surface of the soap becoming soft and soggy. This can lead to wasting soap on the next use as the soft surface of the bar soap washes away more quickly or allows it to drain away into the bottom of a soap dish that will require periodic cleaning resulting in loss of soap as well as it�s fragrance to evaporate. If traveling the bar soap may be placed back after use into a special protective container designed for travel and closed to go into a suitcase or overnight bag not allowing the soap to dry properly and having the same or worse results as described.

Shower Gel comes in its own dispenser that protects the contents, allows for better control of the amount used, does not pickup or hold unattractive particles such as hair or other objects if dropped that bar soap does. It can be left in the tub or shower area or if needed quickly wiped down and placed in a cabinet or put directly into an overnight bag or suitcase with no extra soap dish or protective container and none of the maintenance that is needed with bar soap.

New Tattoos:
If you just received a tattoo that is still in the process of healing do not use a scented lotion, cream, or other fragrance products on the area of the tattoo until it has healed. If you have any questions on what to use consult with the business where you received your Tattoo

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