Angel Lily Perfume Body Lotion 7oz Delicate by Thierry Mugler

Angel Lily Perfume Body Lotion 7oz Delicate by Thierry Mugler
Angel Lily Perfume Body Lotion 7oz Delicate by Thierry Mugler
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Product Information

Angel Lily Perfume Body Lotion 7oz Delicate by Thierry Mugler

Enhance your Angel Lily fragrance with body lotion that continuously delivers moisture to your skin all day long and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and silky-smooth. Angel Lily Body lotion will help in layering your fragrance making it last longer

Angel Lily has the scent of lilies and dark warm chocolate flourishing side by side for quite a long time. One of the Thierry Muglerís Garden of Stars series was intended to reach out to those that did not like the original Angel Perfume. The chocolate note is much stronger in this composition than it is in the original Angel Perfume. Angel Lily dry down is more of lilies than anything else. The passion of Angel was captured in the Garden of Stars collection with added notes of green stalks, honey and nutmeg. Introduced by the design house of Thierry Mugler, The Lily Angel was launched in 2005

Fragrance Type: Lotion
Explanation of Fragrance Types

Olfactive Group: FougŤre, Fresh Green, Floral, Oriental, Woody Oriental
Explanation of Olfactive families

Fragrance Scent Notes: Angel Lily by Thierry Mugler
Top Notes: Dew-Note Green-Stem
Middle Notes: Nutmeg Lily Honey Chocolate
Base Notes: Patchouli Vanilla
Explanation of Fragrance Scent Notes

Application Suggestions:
Layering Angel Lily with corresponding Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Shower gel, Deodorant, lotion, or Body Cream will enhance your fragrance and make last longer

Angel Lily body lotion will moisturize your skin and will have other benefits that are good for your skin. To make sure your skin gets all of the benefits that your lotion has to offer it is best to make sure that it is applied correctly

In order to lock moisture in, lotion should be applied immediately after showering. Lotion penetrates better and works more effectively on regularly exfoliated skin.

Apply only enough lotion to your hands to do each body part one at a time or any dry area where you need to put the lotion on. Don't rush putting your lotion on take your time and do it correctly

Apply the lotion in a circular motion using the palms of your hands and light pressure to massage the gel into your skin

When applying to your full body, start from your ankles and work your way up leaving your face, hands, and feet for last

When applying lotion to your face start with your forehead using you fingers in circular motions down to your chin

When applying lotion to your feet start with your toes and work your way to your heel again applying the lotion in circular motions, wait until it is absorbed by your skin before walking, putting socks or shoes on

When applying lotion to your hands start with the palms and do each finger and thumb one at a time. Lotion should also be applied to your cuticles and your wrists

New Tattoos: If you just received a tattoo that is still in the process of healing and the initial ointment giving to you has runs out do not use a scented or fragrance soap, lotion, body cream, body wash, or shower gel on the area of the tattoo until it has healed. If you have any questions on what to use consult with the business where you received your Tattoo

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