Dune Perfume, by Christian Dior, 1oz Eau De Toilette Spray, for Women

Dune Perfume, by Christian Dior, 1oz Eau De Toilette Spray, for Women
Dune Perfume, by Christian Dior, 1oz Eau De Toilette Spray, for Women
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Product Information

Dune Perfume 1oz,Eau,Toilette,Spray,Dior Perfume,for Women

Dune Perfume, by Christian Dior, Dior Perfume, for Women Is an oceanic fragrance, created in harmony with nature. Dune has a radiant, fresh and subtle accord that captures the landscape where the sky meets the sea in a warm, oceanic floral bouquet. The mandarin citrus note in with a fresh fruity quality conjures a yearning for exotic travel in, Dune perfume. Peony gives it a light floral scent reminiscent of Rose and Lily of the valley. Vanilla forms a serene and a sensual dry-down for, Dune perfume. Introduced by Christian Dior, Dune Perfume, Dior Perfume, for women was launched in 1991

Fragrance Type: Toilette Spray
Explanation of Fragrance Types

Olfactive Group: Oriental Floral
Explanation of Olfactive families

Fragrance Scent Notes: Dune, Dior Perfume
Top Notes: Bergamot Mandarin-Orange Palisander Aldehydes Peony Brazilian-Rosewood
Middle Notes: Jasmine Rose Ylang-Ylang Lily Wallflower Lichen
Base Notes: Vanilla Patchouli Benzoin-Sandalwood Amber Oakmoss Musk
Explanation of Fragrance Scent Notes

Application Suggestions:
Layering, Dior Perfume, with corresponding Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Shower gel, Deodorant, lotion, or Body Cream will enhance your fragrance and make last longer

Applying, Dune Perfume, lower on the body allows it to rise and surround you throughout the day.

Applying, Dior Perfume, before dressing will keep the fragrance close to you.

For romantic encounters apply, Dune, in areas close to where that special someoneís face will be in an embrace and they will remember that moment every time they catch your scent.

Or apply, Dior Perfume, to hot spots on your body inside of the elbows, the wrist, behind the ear, and also the base of your neck these spots pulsate as you move warming the fragrance and releasing more scent the more active you become

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