Mackie Perfume Body Lotion 6.8 oz by Bob Mackie for Women

Mackie Perfume Body Lotion 6.8 oz by Bob Mackie for Women
Mackie Perfume Body Lotion 6.8 oz by Bob Mackie for Women
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Product Information

Mackie Perfume 6.8oz Body Lotion by Bob Mackie for Women

Treat your skin and enhance your fragrance with Mackie Perfume Body Lotion. Body Lotion delivers moisture to your skin and helps keep it there. It will also help protect your skin against air born environmental particles while keeping your skin soft, smooth and supple to the touch and is a good anti aging practice when applied daily.

A fragrance Body Lotion can stand on its own or may give your fragrance a slightly distinct pleasant scent. Body Lotion can give you a pleasant scent without the use of other fragrance products while protecting your skin and keeping it soft, smooth and supple to the touch. Applying a Body Lotion first or with your fragrance may enhance your fragrance by bringing out or enhancing certain notes in your fragrance giving you a unique scent from others that wear the same fragrance product as you. Body Lotion can increase your fragranceís life span while changing the different ways notes come out during dry down.

Body Lotion may also help with skin chemistry problems. Body Lotion can provide a barrier between your fragrance and your skin. Certain skin chemistries can cause a fragranceís solvent or certain fragrance notes to be absorbed or evaporate too quickly or interact badly with natural skin oils changing the fragranceís scent and lifespan. Applying a Body Lotion first may help slow skin absorption and evaporation rates as well as interactions with natural shin oils giving you the pleasant scent you want while increasing a fragranceís lifespan.

Mackie Perfume by Bob Mackie general fragrance description
Mackie Perfume by Bob Mackie is an oriental floral fragrance for women, truly a best kept secret. A fluty opening of Pineapple, Raspberry and Peach settle into floral middle notes of Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Narcissus, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Rose warmed with base notes of Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk and Vetiver that come out throughout dry down. Mackie Perfume is very hard to dislike and the lasting power is very good. Introduced by the design house of Bob Mackie, Mackie Perfume for Women was launched in 1991

Fragrance Type: Body Lotion
Explanation of Fragrance Types

Olfactive Group: Oriental Floral
Explanation of Olfactive families

Fragrance Scent Notes: Mackie Perfume by Bob Mackie
Top Notes: Pineapple Raspberry Peach
Middle Notes: Tuberose Orange-Blossom Narcissus Jasmine Ylang-Ylang Rose
Base Notes: Sandalwood Amber Patchouli Musk Vetiver
Explanation of Fragrance Scent Notes

General Body Lotion application suggestions:
To make sure your skin gets all of the benefits that your Mackie Perfume Body Lotion has to offer it is best to take your time. Apply your Body Lotion soon after showering or bathing while your skin is still damp to help lock in moister.

Mackie Perfume Body Lotion can also be applied anytime your skin or certain areas of your skin feel rough or dry and return your skin back to that soft and smooth feeling again. Areas such as your face, hands and elbows many need extra attention depending on time of year and work environment.

Applying your Body Lotion:
Always rub the Body Lotion in until it is absorbed by your skin.

Experimentation can be done to determine the right amount of Body Lotion to dispense to get the desired affect and not leave your skin under protected or with a slippery greasy feel, if your skin feels greasy after applying your Body Lotion try reducing the amount used. Different Body Lotions have different thicknesses and absorption properties

If doing your whole body determine individual manageable areas and do each area one at a time. Dispense only enough Body Lotion into the palm of one hand to cover an intended area. You can then use the fingers of your other hand to apply the Body Lotion to small areas or for large areas rub your palms together and apply using your hands.

Apply the Body Lotion in a circular motion using light pressure and massaging the Body Lotion into your skin. When applying to your full body, start from your ankles and work your way up leaving your face, hands, and feet for last.

When applying Body Lotion to your face start with your forehead using you fingers in circular motions down to your chin.

When applying Body Lotion to your feet start with your toes and work your way to your heel again applying the lotion in circular motions and rub the Body Lotion in until it is absorbed by your skin before walking, putting socks or shoes on.

When applying Body Lotion to your hands start with the palms and do each of your fingers and thumbs one at a time. Body Lotion should also be applied to your cuticles and your wrists.

Body Lotion can help with a fragrance:
A Body Lotion can do several things for you besides deliver moisture to your skin and keep it there, it will also prevent dry and cracking skin and help protect against air born environmental particles that can be harmful to your skin.

If youíre looking for a unique scent because the fragrance you like is a commonly used fragrance in your area a Body Lotion may alter the scent enough to make you stand out from others. You can try a Body Lotion that is of the same product line as your fragrance, or introduce a different fragrance Body Lotion with a new and different note to enhance your fragrance such as Citrus, Sandalwood, Coco or Shea butter, donít be afraid to experiment you can apply the Body Lotion first, then put on your fragrance or mix the Body Lotion and fragrance together and apply it as a mixture.

Body Lotion may help with skin chemistry issues where your skin absorbs or evaporates the fragrance solvent to quickly reducing the lifespan of the fragrance, have the same issue with a key scent note or notes changing the scent from what you expected, or an ingredient in the fragrance reacts badly with natural skin oils that can turn the scent sour. Applying a Body Lotion to your skin first may allow it to act as a barrier between your fragrance and your skin. You can experiment with a Body Lotion from the same product line, a fragrance free Body Lotion or introduce a Body Lotion with a different note to enhance the fragrance.

New Tattoos:
If you just received a tattoo that is still in the process of healing do not use a scented or fragrance Body Lotion on the area of the tattoo until it has healed. If you have any questions on what to use consult with the business where you received your Tattoo

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