Red Perfume 3oz Eau De Toilette Spray Tester by Giorgio of Beverly Hills for Women

Red Perfume 3oz Eau De Toilette Spray Tester Giorgio of Beverly Hills
Red Perfume 3oz Eau De Toilette Spray Tester Giorgio of Beverly Hills
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Product Information

Red Perfume 3oz Eau De Toilette Spray Tester by Giorgio of Beverly Hills for Women

Red Perfume by Giorgio of Beverly Hills for Women is an oriental floral fragrance appreciated for it's uniqueness, a very classy perfume that unfolds as time goes with scents of floral and spicy notes. Top notes of Bergamot, Osmanthus, Ylang-ylang, Orange Blossom, Peach, Black Currant, Hyacinth and pure and the freshness of Aldehydes followed by middle notes of Carnation, Rose, Jasmine, Rosemary, Gardenia, Tuberose, Iris, Lily-of-the-valley and Litchi. Base notes bring the richness of Patchouli, Oakmoss, Amber, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Myrhh and Olibanum. Warm and very unique Red Perfume can be worn for special occasions or everyday. Introduced by the design house of Giorgio of Beverly Hills, Red Perfume for Women was launched in 1989

Fragrance Type: Toilette
Explanation of Fragrance Types

Olfactive Group: Oriental Floral
Explanation of Olfactive families

Fragrance Scent Notes: Red Perfume by Giorgio Beverly Hills
Top Notes: Bergamot Osmanthus Ylang-ylang Orange-blossom Peach Black-currant Hyacinth Aldehydes
Middle Notes: Carnation Rose Jasmine Rosemary Gardenia Tuberose Iris Lily-of-the-valley Litchi
Base Notes: Patchouli Oakmoss Amber Cedar Sandalwood Vetiver Tonka-bean Vanilla Myrhh Olibanum
Explanation of Fragrance Scent Notes

General Fragrance Application Suggestions:

Different ways to try applying your fragrance:

Applying Red Perfume lower on the body allows it to rise and surround you throughout the day.

Applying Red Perfume before dressing will keep the fragrance close to you.

For romantic encounters apply Red Perfume in areas close to where the face of the special someone will be when they are close to you or in an embrace and they will remember that moment every time they catch your scent.

Apply Red Perfume to hot spots on your body inside of the elbows, the wrist, behind the ear, and also the base of your neck these spots pulsate as you move warming the fragrance and releasing more scent the more active you become

Layering your fragrance:

Layering Giorgio of Beverly Hills Red Perfume with corresponding Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Body Wash, Shower gel, Deodorant, lotion, Moisturizer, After shave, or body mist will not only enhance your fragrance and make it last longer, it may also alter the scent in a way to make it unique to you if itís a common fragrance use by others.

Under and over applying a fragrance:

Under applying a fragrance is better than over applying consider those around you and the environment you will be in. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than the sense of taste and is subjective to each individual. A fragrance will be described and affect different people in different ways.

At first start sparingly when applying a fragrance and wait until the next time you put the fragrance on to try adding more or less as our since of smell may be block due to odor imprinting that occurs in the brain and the remembered scent is masked and you will not realize your over applying. Once you have found the right amount apply the same amount every time even if you feel itís not enough.

You may also want to consider decreasing or increasing the amount applied depending on the activity or location where you will be in. Less if you will be in a close space such as a car, office or small room, more if you will be in a larger better ventilated area or outdoors

The sense of smell is processed by the limbic system, the area of your brain that controls taste, emotion, and memory. Certain scents will remind us of people, places, things, and events in our memories. The sense of smell affects us emotionally and can evoke certain emotional feelings, responses and memories.

Lotion or moisturizer can help with a fragrance:

A lotion or moisturizer can do several things for you besides deliver moisture to your skin, keep it there and help protect your skin against air born environmental particles.

If you have an issue with skin chemistry where your skin absorbs or evaporates the fragrance solvent, one or several of the key scent notes to quickly or reacts badly with one of them, a lotion or moisturizer may help resolve these issues.

If youíre looking for a unique scent for yourself or because the fragrance you like is a commonly used one in your area a lotion or moisturizer may alter the scent enough to make you stand out from others.

With these things in mind you can try a lotion or moisturizer that is of the same product line, a fragrance free one or introduce a fragrance lotion or moisturizer with a new and different note to enhance the fragrance such as Coco or Shea butter.

In either case you can apply the lotion first then put on your fragrance or mix the lotion and fragrance together first then and apply then together.

New Tattoos:
If you just received a tattoo that is still in the process of healing do not use a scented or fragrance lotion, Body wash, shower gel, soap, body cream, or moisturizing body mist on the area of the tattoo until it has healed. If you have any questions on what to use consult with the business where you received your Tattoo

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